Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Nearly Christmas

Well its nearly Christmas and I'm pretty much looking forward to the time off. My mate came round to get his percolator bong last night which I'm kind of glad that its out of the way as i didn't want it getting damaged over the festive period.

I finish on the Friday and most of work are heading out to the pub straight after work which will be fun, i think there are some guys going from the other units on the B park. No doubt that its going to be a late night.

One of the lads is getting back from holiday and he's meant to have got me some boxes of rolling papers and Golden Virginia.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Random Package

I was sat around this morning when the postman came, although that sounds completely normal i got a package that i didn't recognise and since i haven't ordered from eBay i was pretty surprised when i opened it it was a packet of cannabis seeds, I'm guessing that one of my mates has gone over to Amsterdam and he need to post them back home instead of trying to bring them back in hand luggage. A rather ingenious idea.

I can remember last year when he me a percolator bong i ended up waiting in all day for that to be delivered, what a pain in the bum. He still owes me a favour too.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bad Weather

I cant believe how bad the weathers been recently, i know its winter and the weather isn't meant to be great and sunny. But I'm sick of the rain get wet going home and i get wet going to work its a complete nightmare.

My jacket does keep me dry but my jeans are usually soaked and take ages to dry.

The wind is meant to be getting really strong tonight so it will be interesting to see if the trampoline takes off tonight. I'm tempted to take the canvas off, but if i take it off then I'm not putting it back on till summer. knowing my luck I'll take it off and i won't be half as windy as they reckon

Monday, 5 December 2011

Money Saving

So after spending last week in London, i spent this week at home hoping to not spend much money. But i ended up going on the Internet and getting some new clothes i tried to find stuff which was on offer like gio goi and voi, hopefully my new bits and bobs of clothing should be coming in the next few days.

Its just started to snow here as i type, its pretty exciting as it snowed this time last year but it stayed with us for months and caused a list of problems for everyone in the country. i think it was still hear in February 2011.

Hopefully people will be more prepared for it this year even if it doesn't come.