Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Strange Week

The wekend was bit of a strange one really it was pretty quiet for me as i couldnt be fussed going out into town with a few mates which we normally do every week for a catch up.

Instead i stayed in and watched Leathal Weapon 3 and Rocky on ITV 4, i've noticed recently that some of the extra channels ie not the main 4, so stuff like itv 3 and 4 are showing some great films although they are on slightly later in the evening.

I think i'll be out this wekend with the lads as i'll have something to talk about since i missed out last week. I know that one of the lads bought a pack of cannabis seeds and is trying to grow a plant just to see if he can without any posh setup, he's going to fail so badly or the rozzers will be round quick sharpe.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work Experience Kids

Well we've had a work experience kid this week, and in honesty he's needed constant supervising. Everything he's done I've had to re do, the best bit is he thinks that hes really clever and he's proper cocky about everything. so on Friday me and the lads have bit of a surprise in store for him. We are going to glue his work boots to the floor.

i don't think we'll be getting anymore work experience kids for a while as its really knocked my productivity down since I've been having to double check everything he's been doing.