Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Well the cars failed its mot today which is bit of a pain in the arse to be honest as i was expecting it to sail through. It failed on a snapped suspension spring apparently it was just the end which has snapped of but its still a fail :(. I'd given it a check over on Sunday stuff like tyres lights, fluids and brakes and they where all OK. so that's going to be around £200 including the cost of the MOT to get it sorted out.

Modern cars just don't seem as strong as older cars do, I'm guessing that stuff like alloy wheels are braking and more prone to flatting because they alloy has been recycled numerous times and then gets made back into a wheel or the quality isn't as good as it would of been back in the Day when alloys weren't a common item on cars.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Well the night out was pretty mental we ended up going for an indian meal which was really nice and hit the spot, it was one of the best i've had in years. Out side they had a hookah bar but i opted to use one of the few bongs that they had there. Pete was trying to tell us how he's got hundred of glass bongs at home and how he smokes all the time, from there we headed into town which turned out in to bit of an all nighter but i don't really do it that often and still manged to show a few of them how to drink.

i spent most of sunday recovering but at least i had a GP race to watch whilst i was cuddled up on the sofa with my duvet, feeling sorry for myself.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Good films

Like i said in my lasty post about good films been on the alternate channels like itv 2 and stuff, but for the past few weeks i've seen The Day After Tommorrow and Flight Of The Phoenix been played on Film4, they are 2 good films which i can watch over and over again. i've recently foiund my self watching less and less of the top 4 channels.

It was sad news about Jimmy Savell departing us, but it looks like Leeds Council are planning some sort of memorial to the Leeds Lad, which would be really nice.

I've just purchased a pair of police jeans from an online retailer so hoping to get those for the weekend, so that i can wear them with the lads. Some of the lads have been away for a week or so doing some jobs down south, they work for a garden rooms company and they are the installers, so they can be a week or so at a time so i dont get to seem them during the week.