Thursday, 3 May 2012

Built Finally

Ok so my last post here was weeks back but most of my free time has been taken up by dave and his bloody garden office from oeco, we had it up structurally in a few weekends so at least it was weather tight, but the inside was where we came to a slow down.

We had to get a sparky in to run a fused spur into the building so he can have electricity in there. We then got all the insulation put in and plasterboard's put in and had them plastered by a guy round the corner that does plastering.

Then we had underfloor heating to run and the laminate to run on top of that.which was rather time consuming, as we've never done under floor heating before and it means your a lot more careful when your putting the laminate flooring down. this probably added at least 1 day on time wise as we didn't want to disturb the wires. its still bit of an empty shell but we will keep you updated :)

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